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Walls and edges seldom fit squarely against new countertops, cabinets or panels. Bends and bows can turn any surface installation into a time-consuming battle for perfection.

That’s why I invented these tools. Basically, I’m a lazy guy and always look for easier ways to do difficult, time-consuming jobs. Having the right tools also makes doing the work a little more fun. Bill Friegang, master cabinet maker

QuickScribe, ScribeMate and EuroScriber are trim router attachments and accessories which make fitting counters, cabinets and panels to any angled, bowed or irregular surface fast and simple – in one direct cut without measurements or tracings.

QuickScribe ($79.99) provides precision cuts which seamlessly match any surface. It’s the basis of the system and can be used stand-alone.

ScribeMate ($79.99) is option used to create templates for more complex or multi-sided placements.

EuroScriber clamps ($59.99 for 5) are used with QuickScribe to cut perfect scribe strips for Euro Style or frameless cabinets.

These tools allow installers to work faster and attain higher-quality results. They easily pay for themselves in hours.

All tools come with a full-year 100% money back guarantee.


QuickScribe ($79.99) is a trim router accessory plate that attaches to the bottom of several popular routers (router not included). It positions the router bit at the center of a 1” diameter non-marking freely gliding wheel. The wheel guides the router along any placement surface (see photos and video below), producing a cut that fits perfectly.

QuickScribe eliminates time-consuming, error-prone and imprecise manual pencil scribing. The cut is direct, perfect and fast!


ScribeMate ($79.99) is another trim router attachment used to create templates for complex, multi-sided or curved surfaces. View video below to see how this works!


EuroScriber clamps ($59.99 for 5) are used to hold Euro Style or frameless cabinet scribe strips at an exact 1” offset from their slots, allowing in-place QuickScribe cuts which perfectly match adjacent cabinets or walls when the scribe strips are moved from the clamp to their slots (see below photos and video). It’s like having an extra pair of hands!

Directly cut perfect scribe strips each time, without measurements or manual tracings.