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QuickScribe Systems

With more than four decades of experience in cabinetry and wood working, Bill Friegang knows tools. He has spent the last 15 years developing a system of scribing products to save woodworkers, cabinetmakers, carpenters and anyone involved in installation time and money. The QuickScribe™, ScribeMate™ and new EuroScriber® will save hours of installation time and eliminate the need for masking tape, scriber tools, caulking and belt sanders.

The QuickScribe and ScribeMate are trim router accessory plates that fit several trim routers including Bosch, DeWalt, and Porter Cable brands. These tools allow the installer to make precise trims and templates that match the curved or bowed surfaces of walls or flooring. The EuroScriber is a specially-designed clamp tool that offsets the scribe strips of Euro Style or frameless cabinets for trimming by the QuickScribe. Each of Friegang’s scribing tools are patented, and produced in northern California by local artisans. Friegang takes pride in selling only high-quality,  American-made tools.

The QuickScribe and Scribemate are made of a light, durable anodized aluminum with a Delrin wheel. The ScribeMate’s flexible base of sturdy Lexan allows slight tilting of the router. The EuroScriber is also made of anodized blue aluminum, but employs non-marking nylon thumb screws that protect cabinet ends from scratching. Both the QuickScribe and the ScribeMate retail for around $80, while a set of three EuroScribers retails for $60. For more information, a full list of distributors or to see these scribing solutions in action, visit

Bill Friegang: Cabinetmaker & Inventor

Few cabinetmakers have the breadth of skill and knowledge possessed by Bill Friegang. Friegang first developed a love for woodworking from his father, a skilled handyman. In 1966, Friegang began his lifelong career in a production cabinet shop. Also that year, he joined the Millmen Union Local 42 (now part of the Carpenter’s Union of San Francisco). Over the next 25 years, Friegang honed his skills at a variety of cabinet shops throughout central California. In 1993, Friegang decided to open his own shop, Custom Design Cabinets. His extensive experience prepared him well for the challenges of building a strong business. Custom Design Cabinets offers services in almost every aspect of cabinetry, from residential to commercial and everything in between.

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Bill Friegang

Although Friegang is skilled in estimation, blueprint development, jobsite and client coordination, he has never lost his love for woodworking. He regularly designs unique pieces and takes pride in constructing them with his own two hands. As owner and operator of Custom Design Cabinets, Friegang built and developed tools that advanced his profession as a whole. Bill currently lives in Shingle Springs, CA, with his wife of more than 30 years. He’s an avid outdoorsman who enjoys the company of four children, seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren who live in the area.